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Connecting Emerging Literary Artists (CELA) is about sharing stories beyond barriers.

CELA is a talent development program that offers a European context to a new generation of literary creators across 10 different countries.

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What is CELA?

Meet the participants

Aya Sabi

Writer, resident 2019-2023

CELA is important to Europe because it works on a shared culture, literature and that will help Europe in constructing an identity based on differences.

Agata Tomažič

Writer, resident 2019-2023

CELA is important because translations into foreign languages never happen by chance.

Anna Háblová

Writer, resident 2019-2023

Without CELA I would not be able to meet so many people from the field of literature. It creates new possibilities and inspiration.

Tereza Prymak

Translator, resident 2019-2023

It promotes and motivates young contemporary artists.

Mirt Komel

Writer, resident 2019-2023

CELA helps me internationalize my work, as well as get in touch with fellow writers.

Daniel Montoya Aguillón

Literary Professional, resident 2019-2023

It's very nice to find a space where we can rethink an old fashioned idea of publishing and make community with it.