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Olga Bartosiewicz-Nikolaev – Ph.D. in literary studies, translator, lecturer at the Institute of Romance Philology at the Jagiellonian University. She is an author of a monograph about the work of a poet, critic and existentialist philosopher B. Fundoianu/Benjamin Fondane - Tożsamość niejednoznaczna. Historyczne, filozoficzne i literackie konteksty twórczości B. Fundoianu/Benjamine’a Fondane’a (1898-1944) [WUJ 2018], as well as of translations of Romanian writers, such as Adrian Schiop or Lavinia Braniște. She was awarded for the „New Face” category of the literary magazine „Literatura na Świecie” for the translations of Schiop’s novel (in Polish: Żołnierze. Opowieść z Ferentari, Universitas 2018).