21 Jun 2023

About Endings and Beginnings

CELA at Bookfest Bucharest - By Iolanda Vasile, Translator PT-RO

17 May 2023

What’s the difference between CELA and Eurovision?

Memories from Book Fair in Prague - By Urszula Jabłońska, Writer PL

26 Apr 2023

Memories to Tulips

Experiences during the Wintertuin Festival in Nijmegen, the Netherlands - By Anna Beata Háblová, Writer CZ

13 Apr 2023

Emerging dreams at a literary mecca

CELA talents at the Passa Porta Festival in Brussels - By Cristina Vremeș, Writer RO

15 Mar 2023

What we talk about when we talk about Cela

Jobshadowing at Wintertuin- By Adriano Pugno, LP