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Anna Beata Háblová is a poet, writer, architect, and urbanist. She has published the poetry collections Kry (Mox Nox, 2013), Rýhy (Arbor Vitae, 2015), Nevypínejte (Dauphin, 2018) and poems in the literary magazines Host, Tvar, Weles and Pandora. At the Dominikánská 8 cultural centre she hosts evenings of poetry, art and architecture. She received the Young Architect Award 2010 and the Young Planning Professionals Award 2012 for architectural design and theoretical work. In 2017 she published a comic-scientific book, Města zdí, about the history, interpretation and starting solutions of shopping centres in relation to the city. Since 2018 she has been contributing to Ranní úvahy (Morning Reflections) on Radio Vltava. Her latest book on the border of genres is Nemísta měst (Host, 2019) about neglected, fleeting and passed-over places.