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Mirt Komel is philosopher and writer, working and writing between Nova Gorica and Ljubljana in Slovenia. Studied at the University of Ljubljana, obtained a Phd. in Philosophy in 2010 at the Department of Philosophy of the Faculty of Arts, now teaching at the Department of Cultural Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences. In 2006 he published a collection of dramas, Mestne drame, in 2008 a dramatic poem, Luciferjev padec (Lucifer's fall), a dramatic poem), in 2009 a literary-philosophical travelogue, Sarajevski dnevnik (Sarajevo's Diary), and then in 2011 another, Kahirske kaheksije (Cairo Caheksis). In 2015 he published his first novel with the Goga publishing house, Pianistov dotik (The Pianist’s Touch), and in 2018 his second one, Medsočje (Sontius Notes)–both were shortlisted for the prestigious Slovenian Kersnik award for literature.