22 MAR — 24 MAR 2023

Passa Porta Festival | Brussels, Belgium

From 22 to 24 March, Passa Porta and the City of Brussels will host the ICORN Network Meeting. The two events were therefore conceived in line with each other and around a shared theme: that of REFUGE. A hundred writers, thinkers and artists taking over the centre of Brussels to bring literature in all its forms to life!

On March 25th we present CELA. New Voices from Europe with CELA writers and translators

New Voices from Europe  

What does a story about a modern-day witch in a remote Spanish village have in common with a story about a young Romanian woman trying to keep her own brain and the unstoppable world under control through yoga exercises and a story about a Slovenian girl who can understand the (sometimes rude) conversations of birds have in common? Written by authors from the CELA project, they capture the spirit of themes that concern all Europeans. 

Aixa de la Cruz Regúlez (ES), Cristina Vremeș (RO) and Agata Tomažič (SL) will be on stage alongside their translators Joep Harmsen (NL), Charlotte van Rooden (NL) and Staša Pavlović (BE). They will read their texts in both the original language and the new Dutch translation before talking about the collaboration between author and translator. 

Author Nikki Dekker, herself a CELA talent, guides the talks. 

Translators’ Café 

Literary translators give us the keys to literature from around the world. But how do they go about their work? What aspects of their trade do they love, and what do they stumble over? Can anyone become a translator? In the café of the Halles Saint-Géry / Sint-Gorikshallen, eight translators ask each other questions about the art of translation – and give you the floor too.