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Conversations #6: On Solidarity

Join us for the 6th edition of Conversations, a panel debate on the future of literature, authorship, translation and the literary industry taking place live in Madrid and livestreamed on Wednesday, April 17. This edition, we will focus on the topic of SOLIDARITY: how can literature empower solidarity between readers, translators, writers and publishers? How can we use stories to energise solidarity debates and support interdependent and community thinking?

You can watch the recorded live stream here:
Panel 1Panel 2

Round 1: Solidarity in outreach
What is needed for literature to take its essential role in society? How can stories and writing play a changemaking part in health care, migration, climate crisis and times of war?
With online presentations by
* Rebekka de Wit (writer, NL)
* Rita Richardson (writer, Ghana)
And panel contributions by
* Denise Moura (Wintertuin, NL), 
* Elżbieta Foltyniak (Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe, PL) 
* Iryna Bilan (Book Arsenal, UA)

Round 2: Solidarity between writers and translators
To better the position and working conditions of translators and writers, they should not stand alone. How can literary artists unite and create better circumstances for themselves? What is needed from literary professionals and institutions to support them (better)?
With online presentation by
* Martina Kutková (translator, ES-CZ)
* Joost Oomen (writer, NL)
And panel contributions by
* Irene de la Torre (translator, NL-ES) 
* Silvia Bardela (publisher De Conatus, ES)
* Natalia Garcia Freire (writer, Ecuador) 
* Michala Čičváková (CzechLit, CZ)